In Light of Day

The Hooded Ones

The Hooded Ones at Hob Hill

We, the spirits three,

Wandering the isle for thee,

Come up close and see,

The powerful, enigmatic we.

© 2020 L Jeffrey – Hob Hill

The Genii Cucullati were “Hooded Spirits” and their images appear in two key locations in Britain, the Cotswolds and Northumbria – a direct correlation with the concentration of Black Monk sightings. Also, in Britain the Cucullati are depicted in triple form, probably revealing a Celtic influence. Celtic Scholar Miranda Green wrote “The cult of the Genii Cucullati appears to have embraced profound and sophisticated belief systems” and that “such traditions did not wholly die after the coming of Christianity.” She believed that these hooded figures left an impression of supernatural power in our countryside.

MJ Wayland

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