In Darkness Of Night

Soul Mates

Twin Flames Soul Mates Hob Hill

Finding each other in death as in life.

I found my love when I was eighteen, the sight of him was truly amazing. Wearing white he was a sparkly delight. Speaking in a hall, others seemed bored, but I was in awe. We dated and it wasn’t long until we found a white house on top of a hill. Children’s laughter soon began, echoing around making our life even more than before. As we all know, things change and weave, passing fast with speed. We lived for love and fought for our family even through the rough. But nothing compared to when we were alone, long lasting lust, and hugs we shared each other’s love. Hating to be away, the powerful pull so strong we were never apart very long. Eventually it happened that we all think is a distance away. First it was my love, taking half of me with him. My time came and I must say, it seemed I stepped on a cloud and floated away. The lightness encased me and warmed my heart. But he wasn’t there, it teared me apart. The swirl I felt, the weaving I made through the darkness searching for the connection to be made. Then a touch I felt on my hand so tender, the warmth I felt as he pulled me closer. His smile and eyes were alight, happy, content, swirling together – Soul Mates forever.

A lovely video about Twin Flames, Soul Mates can be found here

© 2020 L Jeffrey – Hob Hill

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