In Light of Day

Lovingly Found

Mystical Art Hob Hill

Flickering in-between the leaves and dew,

having fun in the morning hue,

swaying in the breeze, she stopped for you.

There was a moment when I stopped just near the rocks, my feet where red and sore. My head was throbbing as I eased my bag from my back and sat down on the warm floor. Stretching out I could see a tiny flickering light in front of my feet. It was strange as it didn’t recede, didn’t stop or disappear. Moving closer to my eyes, I saw, a little figure smiling, so sweet and delicate. I blinked and blinked and focused again but it was no more. I shrugged and thought a trick of the light, I am sure, that’s all.

© 2020 L Jeffrey – Hob Hill

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