by L Jeffrey

“I am a wanderer in the woods, a traveller on the moors, the only path I see is the one I make,

Behind me, I leave nothing but a ripple of discovery, and you, here, on its riptide have found my art,

So enlighten your soul and join with me”

– Louise Jeffrey

I hope you enjoy my little space to show my art and love of nature. My art and words hopefully inspire your own narrative, submerging you into a magic, spiritual realm of your imagination. We are surrounded by rugged moors, rolling hills, dense forests, and inspiring coastline. Exploring the land and immersing in nature has a healing, relaxing and refreshing effect on your soul. It can calm, cleanse and heal your mind and body.

The stresses of the world can be overwhelming. Manipulation and misinformation are immense and we need to take ourselves out of these bubbles of negativity to really see what life is all about. Social media can be a positive experience, but is also manipulative, destructive and harmful. I would recommend watching the documentary https://www.thesocialdilemma.com/

So, go out explore nature, calm your mind and begin to strengthen and heal. I would also like to recommend a website with helpful tips and articles to improve your well-being, their tag line is “Connecting Hearts and Minds” which is a lovely sentiment. Have a visit here

If only everyone could see the beauty of the Earth and how special our home is.

Louise x

Photo lovingly taken at Harewood House

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