In Light of Day

Amy Johnson CBE

Amy Johnson CBE

Through memories, you inspire,

Those who dream, far and wide,

Reach high and beyond, look up and fly!

I am drawn to strong females and enjoy portraying, and sharing their often courageous stories. The 1930s was a very male dominated environment for a female pilot. But, Amy Johnson still courageously achieved flying solo from London to Australia becoming the first female pilot to do so. What is also remarkable was that in the 1920s and 30s, female pilots were usually titled, from rich and famous families. Amy grew up in Hull where her Father had a fish import and export business. Through determination and her Father’s financial help, Amy achieved her love for flying. Although not from the poorest of families, Amy still courageously became the pilot she dreamed of and gained respect along the way from many. Sadly in 1941, she lost her life after her plane went off course in adverse weather conditions and crashed into the Thames Estuary near Herne Bay.

Amy’s flying career was short but her memory is long lasting and inspiring to future brave women who, like Amy, have a spark to achieve things that for many of us, could only dream of.

The Amy Johnson Arts Trust has more information about her life and more!

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